Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Commode: The Wednesday After Thanksgiving

WARNING: Some shocking statements follow which will seem almost unbelievable for those of you who know me well!

As I was vacuuming the floor [amazing statement #1] in preparation for mopping [amazing statement #2], I had an epiphany. [Let it here be said that it is true that mopping the floor twice in as many weeks really is uncharacteristic for this housekeeper. It’s just that we had an incident with a Corelle dish’s having a close encounter with the ceramic tile floor, and all of you who have had that experience know the horrendous results that ensued. Enough said.]

Back to the epiphany: As I was vacuuming, I happened to glance at the commode in the half bath off the kitchen. Our house is a fairly large structure. My husband was the main contractor and constructor. He basically built the house off of a sheet of tracing paper where we had modified a commercial floor plan to our preferences.

We did have a plumber run the lines for us. But when he did, I’m pretty sure that the house had just been framed. How did the plumber get that drain pipe in exactly the right location, basically (although not precisely) in the center of the available space for it?

Well, for one thing, he knew what he was doing. He had had previous experience. And we were able to trust him to complete the job.

The reason that this impacted me is that our lives currently seem to be akin to a marble cake. There are multiple colors swirling through our experiences—some light and some dark. It is difficult to see how all of it will come together to form a sweet confection (which, of course, is the hope we have for the ultimate outcome).

Nevertheless...........and that is the key word...........nevertheless, it is my firm conviction that there is a Master Contractor who is watching over our eternal construction project. He has been through this process before. His previous experience informs His counsel to us. He knows loss; He knows exultation through exaltation. He is worthy of our total trust.

I am grateful for that assurance. I can move forward with confidence and comfort because of Him and the others who serve with Him.

Giving thanks continues.

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