Friday, November 27, 2015

Two Hours and Elizabeth Allan

Am I the only person who always has at least one pile of little pieces of paper? I sometimes think a good portion of my life’s mission is somehow wrapped up in managing piles of paper.

Well, this morning I picked up the tiny piece of paper which has been floating around on the dressing room counter top. On it were written these words:      
         16 Aug 1752
         Allan, Elizabeth
        18 Mar 1975

This was one of many slips filled out during the years when I was able to attend the temple regularly. They represent multiple blessing opportunities.

So this morning the paper finally got connected with the computer. There she was, the oldest daughter of Malcolm ALLAN and Elizabeth ANDERSON. And there was the confirmation that I had attended the Provo Temple on 18 March 1975.

Have to confess that several subsequent questions swirled through my head. What was going on in my life at that point? A quick reference to my journal for that year brought back the memories. A brief entry—

18 Mar, Tue (Elizabeth Allan)* - Up last night with some aches. . . . Good trip to the temple with Marlene Peterson.

But surrounding that were some household challenges, the weight of a hefty calling in the branch, the pending relocation to the East Coast in less than two months, and the heartaches associated with being a single sister whose Prince Charming identification kept getting delayed.

I hope those two hours of time will have made an eternal contribution to Elizabeth’s progression as an individual and as a member of her family. I hope we have an opportunity at some point to pause and give each other a hug.

Suspect there may be a few tears shed at that point, at least by me. So I also hope there are tissues available in the spirit world!

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